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Fortis Portal

Fortis Portal is a rendering engine with a simplistic, thin-client interface designed for those customer facing businesses or geographically distributed environments that require:

  • Zero “foot print” on the client
  • No ActiveX controls
  • Access to Fortis documents outside a firewall – thru HTTP/S port
  • Standard rendering to PDF documents
  • Secure Fortis environment using existing Fortis security credentials
  • Load balancing on multiple web servers
  • Access to Fortis documents from Mac computing environments
  • Supports update of Fortis metadata
  • Support for scanning thru the Internet (with Fortis Remote Scan option)
  • Supports PDA (Windows Pocket, Mobile and CE) and Blackberry devices
  • Support for RC4 encryption
  • Support for Widnows authentication and single sign-on
  • Direct access to documents or queries via URL parameters

Many organizations that are customer facing like labor departments, department of motor vehicles, service bureau’s, utility companies - require customer access to documents without the necessity to download specialized viewers.

Fortis Portal provides documents in the format you want, on demand without the need for Fortis Web.

Three scenarios where Fortis Portal is most effective.

  • Customer wants to deliver documents to users outside a firewall
  • Customer wants NO “footprint” on the client (no activex control(s))
  • Customer wants ALL documents to be delivered in a standard PDF format

Fortis Portal includes a host of Fortis web-services that can be called separately or through the provided web-based interface. The interface includes advanced toolkit options from Infragistics and can be customized using standard Microsoft ASP.Net code to resemble your Internet/Intranet site.

The Fortis Portal interface allows for two query methods. Browse Folder allows a user to search the contents within a specified Fortis folder. Users will be presented with all document types found in the folder via a tabbed dialog. The second search option is by query sets or pre-defined queries. In this case users can run either static or variable queries. The results set in both instances can be sorted, rearranged and copied to Excel.

Fortis Portal under-the-hood uses the unique Fortis document identifier to retrieve the MAG file, renders it to PDF on-the-fly and automatically starts Adobe Acrobat with the rendered PDF on the client. The entire process occurs only through the HTTP/S port(s) via byte array, so performance is optimized and network security is not an issue. Fortis Portal uses an edit or scan license upon rendering or when navigating thru either a folder or query set and then immediately releases the license.

Fortis Portal Data Sheet

Fortis Portal Power Point


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